Golden Key PRESS?

A couple of weeks ago I obtained a relief/etching press, FOR FREE!


About 2 months ago, I met a fellow artist Mary Howat at the Artspiration Festival held at Fleisher Art Memorial. As we were checking out each other's work, she mentioned that she had a printing press in her basement that had been collecting dust for the last 20 or so years. "If you can get it out, its your's," she told me. We exchanged cards and I told her I would contact her in the near future.


About a month went by before I got around to making that call- I found her card in a stack that I had collected showing and attending various shows in between. Luckily, she said it was still available! I went by her house to scope it out, and man, what a beauty! As you can see from the pictures (and can probably infer), the press is cast iron largely and heavy as hell! I ended up employing a neighbor to help me pick it up.


I have not fully dedicated time to calibrating it, but I did pull some tests and proofs.


I'm sure I will update more as I continue learned about this brandless machine, but I am still very proud and lucky to own it!